"The Treasury" is the community owned BAO. It consists of all the following funds:
  • Fees collected.
  • Dev bounties/Partnership Fund.
  • LP Fund.
  • Community Fund.
The community owns the community fund and votes on its allocation using the governance mandates. While each of these funds has a primary purpose, the community can vote to repurpose or redirect these funds at anytime.
The purposes of the funds are as follows:
Dev Bounties / Partnership Fund: The goal of this fund is to drive partnership integrations and listings with exchanges, as well as to create ecosystem development bounties. This is the largest treasury fund and can be used for things like:
  • Integrations with third-party products.
  • Sponsoring new information websites for the ecosystem.
  • Sponsoring new feature contributions to the code.
  • Paying team salaries.
LP Fund: The Liquidity Provider Fund is designated to provide token loans to liquidity providers and listing partners so that BAO has a strong liquid market from day one. Community Fund: The goal of the community fund is to be used to sponsor engagement within the community. This can include things like:
  • Rewarding content creators.
  • Rewarding volunteer moderators.
  • Rewarding translators.
  • Providing rewards to the users with the most referral volume.
  • Sponsoring other contests.
Based on governance mandates the team has pre-approved discretionary spending from the funds, and the governance fund guidelines only apply to the Bao tokens.
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