Items and Creatures
Items and creatures help Bao to define its many sub-products
Subproducts are like modular standalone features that can be added to or removed from any Bao Finance product in the future.
While each product in Bao is represented by a Bao in a costume as a logo (like Panda), sub products fall into two categories:
  1. 1.
    Items: Subproducts that make idle assets intended to be held in a wallet or used for a set purpose are represented by items. These have simpler mechanics or use cases in other Bao/Panda related products.
  2. 2.
    Creatures: Subproducts that are new complex features or entirely standalone features that expand the Bao/Panda ecosystems are represented by creatures (like a Rhino or a Robot) and their logo is a cute creature that is not a Bao in a costume. This is a sign that this is a complex subproduct that has complicated mechanics and drastically changes parts of the ecosystem and should be actively interacted with.
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