tBAO - Staked BAO
This page explains how to stake BAOcx to earn a share of revenue from BAO products
As new BAO products are released the community can vote to activate staking rewards for them, where some of the revenue will be used to buy back BAOcx and add them to the pool owned by tBAO holders. BaoSwap is currently the only product with fee sharing activated as of June 2021. Over time your tBAO will represent more BAOcx as they are added to the pool owned by tBAO holders. Your tBAO balance will not increase in size, the number of BAOcx each tBAO represents will as rewards are collected. There are no fees for staking or unstaking, so cannot lose BAOcx by taking part.

BAOcx is a coupon on xDai redeemable for BAO, backed 1:1 by the treasury
If you hold BAO on another network you must first bridge it back to ETH main net then to xDai and swap it for BAOcx on BaoSwap. ​
  • Ensure you are connected to the xDai network and connect your wallet
  • You should see your available BAOcx balance displayed. Click convert to tBAO
  • Select the amount of tokens you would like to stake and click confirm, then confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • Once the transaction has been processed, you will see your tBAO balance displayed. Job done!
tBAO to BAOcx ratio is not designed to be close to 1:1
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