Move Staked LPs to xDAI
A guide for moving your LP tokens staked on the ETH main net to xDAI and staking them
BAO farming on xDai has ended on June 2nd 2021. Moving Sushi LP to xDai should not be done anymore.
Moving LP tokens to xDAI is optional. Main net pools will remain operational and supported.
There will be no UNI LP pools that can be staked on xDAI, just SUSHI LP and BaoSwap LP. If you are in a UNI pool and want to move to xDAI you will have to identify whether a pool for your assets is available on SUSHI or BaoSwap then follow instructions based on the available xDAI pool.

  • Find a pool with the same assets you want to stake.
  • Follow The instructions below based on what pool is available for you.

  • Unstake your LP tokens from your main net pool
  • If your LP tokens are SLP tokens, skip to the next step. If your LP tokens are from UNI then you need to migrate liquidity to SUSHI using the SUSHI migrate tool:​
    • Connect your wallet
    • Select the pool you want to migrate from Your Uniswap Liquidity
    • select the amount of LP tokens you want to migrate in Amount of Tokens
    • click Migrate Liquidity
Before you click on the link to follow xDai's bridging instructions, take note of the bullet points below - They may come in handy.
  • Bridge your LP tokens to the xDAI chain by following the guide here:​
    • When you unlock the token you wish to transfer you can specify the amount of tokens to unlock or give unlimited approval. If you plan to bridge more at a later date it might be preferable to use an Infinite Unlock, to save gas in the future.
      • Click settings in the top right
      • Flick the Infinite Unlock switch
    • When selecting the token to migrate, you may have to add the LP token as a custom token.

  • Unstake your LP tokens from your main net pool
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