Adding liquidity to Sushiswap
After bridging your assets to Sushiswap, you can now create the LP tokens to deposit into the farms.
1) Go to and enter the app (Make sure you’re on the Matic network)
2) You will be brought to the Sushi app, click on the “Liquidity” button
3) Choose the pairing you would like to provide liquidity for. You will need to pay an “Approval Fee” for the assets before you can trade/provide liquidity if you have not done so before.
4) Confirm the transaction in the Metamask for the approval fee for both assets ( you will have to confirm the prompt each time for the assets)
5) Once you have Approved the tokens you will get a “Confirming Adding Liquidity” button. Click the button and confirm the prompt on Metamask and you’re done.
Congratulations! You now have the LP tokens to deposit into the farms.
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