Polly Finance

The ETF (Exchanged traded funds) industry has grown to over $6 trillion worldwide since it started 27 years ago. It makes up more than 15% of the estimated $95 trillion global stock market, which demonstrates the incredible market demand for diversified holdings that can be utilized for “set and forget” automated financial strategies.

‌The total market cap for the crypto markets today is around $2 trillion, and only $1 billion of that total is estimated to be related to crypto ETFs. At the market’s current size, this figure would need to reach $300 billion to be at the same level of saturation as traditional financial markets.

Polly Finance has an exciting opportunity to become a leading platform for the community and eventually anyone to create their own nests to manage diverse assets, purchase them easily and automated their farming.

We plan to do this by curating ideas from the community to begin with, helping them to form strategies for picking tokens from leading projects and putting them to work earning yield using proven methods. The end goal will be to open the platform up completely to allow anyone to create their own strategy, allowing you to comfortably invest in your preferred strategies with the confidence that your tokens working hard for you.

Nests are just one of the products we have planned and fall under the soft synthetics category - a token that represents a basket of underlying tokens. In the case of Polly Finance they will be branded nests in keeping with the parrot theme.

The Polly Token

Polly is the governance token for Polly Finance, allowing you to vote on the composition of nests, strategies they will follow and the future direction of the project. In order to create a Nest, you have to burn an amount of Polly, as the burning process is complex for Polly, the automated recipe for nDEFI will buy and burn the right amount for you during the asset creation process. The amount of Polly to be burned is currently tied to the volume demand of your issuance order, but governance may vote to change this model.