Subproducts that make idle assets intended to be held in a wallet or used for a set purpose


Bamboo staking is like xSushi style staking for Panda. While Bamboo is fast growing, it is also flexible and forgiving. Itโ€™s easy to move in and out of Bamboo staking and there is no penalty for using the Bamboo maker.
Users will be able to stake their Panda as Bamboo from both the Panda Farms and Pandaswap interfaces.
Just like xSushi the Bamboo pool is on a curve where the amount of Bamboo a user gets starts off equivalent to the amount of Panda they put in, but changes as the amount of Panda held in the Bamboo maker grows.
The Bamboo maker receives deposit and withdrawal fees from the farm contract and Pandaswap trade fees (0.05% of each trade, applied when liquidity is removed). Any one can call the Bamboo maker contract at any time to convert the fees it is holding. When the convert call happens, the Bamboo maker takes the fees it earned in different currencies and uses Pandaswap to trade those fees into Panda and Rhino equally (outlined below).
The Panda purchased is then allocated proportionally to users holding the Bamboo and when they redeem their Bamboo theyโ€™ll have a higher amount of Panda than they started with.
The Rhino purchased will be burned. Since the process to buy and burn RHINO is yet to be automated, we will proceed manually and periodically. Rhino is our more complex, experimental, higher risk/reward staking "creature"

NFT Badges

We wanted a way to reward participants in our ecosystem for the contributions they made to Bao by being a contributor, a community member, and a participant in our ecosystem, as well as to think of ways we could better encourage people to take part in the community project rather than try and treat Bao as some speculative token.
To do this weโ€™re designing NFT badges.
Badges will be a type of NFT that users in the Bao Finance family of products can earn. Some will be transferable, some wonโ€™t be.
Badges will be earned by completing various actions, completing achievements, or contributing to the ecosystem.
In turn, all future versions of Bao products will start to look for the different types of Bao Badges in a users wallet when interacting with the product.
These badges will allow users to unlock extra product features, reduced fees, early alpha access, higher rewards and other types of bonuses that we are still exploring. Some other badges will just look cool and unlock bragging rights.
Weโ€™ll have another blog post exploring badges more in-depth, and revealing the two upcoming badges that we already took a snapshot for, as well as what other achievement badges are upcoming.
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