Discord Bot Commands
When a question gets asked regularly we create a bot command so the community can run a command and give an answer prepared by the community team
There is a dedicated channel for bot commands on the discord server, please us it, unless you are using one to help answer a question for someone.
​BAO discord server​
Command list
Short description
Long description
Explains 15% token ownership of franchises.
AMM stands for Automated Market Maker.
Please act responsibly when buying Panda tokens.
Information regarding the current APY situation on xDai.
Our stance on auditing the current product.
Backup URLs in case main sites are unavailable.
What is BAO.cx / Is BAO.cx the same as BAO?
The URL to our DEX on xDai called BaoSwap.
Our stance on centralized exchanges.
The command list for the Bao Finance discord.
All information related to Bao Finance and it's products.
Frequently asked questions
Faucets available on xDai which provide 0.01 xDai.
Links to the governance forum and voting pages.
Explanation of Impermanent loss.
Information on how to create LP tokens.
Troubleshooting steps to resolve issues with MetaMask refusing it interact with Bao or its franchise sites.
Guide on how to add xDai tokens to Metamask..
Contract details for Panda token and its the farms.
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